There will be a series of presentations from thought leaders in the industry throughout the day. The presentation area is part of the FREE to attend exhibition, so book your ticket today.

10.00am EQUE2

Jon Black, Head of Estimating Division & Doug Openshaw, Head of Sales, EQUE2

‘Delivering Profit in a Collaborative Environment’

See how businesses of all sizes use the latest technology to drive profit through a collaborative approach between site, office, finance, commercial and supply chain.

10.20am Open ECX

Matthew Jones,  Founder of Open ECX

‘Efficient payment control and putting a stop to ‘smash-and-grab’ applications’

10.40am Newforma UK

Peter Allinson, Executive, Newforma UK

Why AEC companies need to work in a connected Software Environment’.

11.00am CCS

Wayne Brown – Head of Sales – CCS Construction Computer Software.

‘Breaking down the silos in your business’

11.30am Work Wallet

Jonathan Gray, CEO, Work Wallet

‘How technology is driving positive change in the construction industry’

12.00pm Atkins

Adrian Pinder, Director of Digital Innovation, Atkins

‘Unleashing productivity in Construction – What digital could mean for construction’

12.30 pm COINS

David Bullock, Business Advisory Manager – P2P & Supply Chain, COINS

‘It’s a Risky Business – how to manage and mitigate risk within your supply chain’

Yan Llamas,​ COINS

COINS Construction Cloud – The Future is Now!

13.30pm OGUN

Ben Morris, Chief Operating Officer, OGUN

‘The 1.6 Trillion Dollar Problem’

14.00pm RedSky

Dave McAteer, Sales Executive, RedSky

‘Automating the Financial Supply Chain’

Why are we still battling with Process Inefficiencies and Unnecessary Costs?’

In this presentation, Dave discusses the challenges that still exist and explores the available tools to deliver ‘One Version of the Truth’

14.20pm IDEA StatiCa

Theodore Tsirozidis, Director, IDEA StatiCa UK Ltd.

‘CBFEM – a breakthrough technology for the design of Steel Connections.’

14.40pm Metswift

Shaun Pammenter, Meteorologist & Partner, MetSwift UK Ltd.

‘Parametric & predictive weather risk intelligence: Using meteorology & AI to improve engineering & construction planning & implementation in a competitive environment.’

15.00pm Geopal

Paul Coyle, Founder & CEO, GeoPal

‘Digital Productivity in a Connected World’

15.20pm 4PS

Paul Kerr & Peter Jaworski

‘Increased margins through improved processes and digitisation’